What are Z Points

1. Get Z Points
ZAFUL.com makes it easy to get more Z Points for free. The ways are as follows:
2. Use Z Points
Use Z Points to discount Order Price.
With Z Points in your account, you can use them on the checkout page.
(1) Select the items you want to buy, and go CHECK OUT.
(2) Locate "Z Points" and enter the amount of points you want to use
50 Z Points = $1
Z Points can be redeemed up to 15% of the final item value (Exc. shipping and insurance)
3.The guidelines of using Z Points
(1) 50 Points = $1
(2) The points you use cannot exceed 15% of the item’s total worth (not inc. shipping and insurance)
(3) Points can be used in conjunction with coupons.
(4) Points can be applied when an order is placed. If an order is refunded, the points will also be refunded to the original user’s account (only the points for the items’ that have been refunded)
(5) Once an order has been placed and the items have been fully shipped, the website will gift a number of points equal to the items’ value (not inc. shipping and insurance)
(6) Point-multiplying items gift points at a rate equal to the item’s value * point ratio.
(7) If points are used when placing an order, then points cannot be earned on that order.
(8) Orders where gift cards have been used do not offer points.
(9) Orders where digital wallets have been used do not offer points.
(10) When points have been sent for an order which is later refunded, the website will also take back the points that were previously issued (only the points for the items’ that have been refunded)
(11)Please notice that the points you earned have 12 months corresponding validity period. Your points will automatically be deleted.

ZAFUL.com reserves the right to amend the rules at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at our customer services.